Cargo charter

Direct and non-stop cargo charters

AlisCargo Airlines was created to offer competitive, efficient and professional cargo charter services. Charters that fly directly to the destination airports excluding intermediate stops, ensuring that you really reduce the time of goods transit and delivery.

Currently our Boeing 777 200ER P2Fs fly on behalf of airlines and freight forwarders carrying goods for the majority of product sectors. By collaborating with our partners, we fly to any destination you need.

AlisCargo Airlines has its base at Milan Malpensa, the biggest Italian airport in terms of goods transported, sixth European cargo airport and reference point for air cargo throughout Southern Europe.

From Milan Malpensa, thanks to the road network, goods quickly reach the operational bases of Italian freight forwarders and logistics operators, as well as foreign bases in neighbouring states such as Switzerland and France, Austria and Germany, Spain, Slovenia and Croatia.

By combining the strategic location and operational efficiency of Milan Malpensa with our direct cargo charter services, you can really reduce the transit and delivery times for your goods.