Italian company offering highly efficient services

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AlisCargo Airlines offers direct cargo charter services – for most product sectors – and ACMI aircraft charter contracts. We work on behalf of freight forwarders, companies, brokers, government agencies and airlines which use our fleet to fly anywhere in the world.

The only Italian intercontinental air cargo company, AlisCargo Airlines was founded in 2021 by a group of leading professionals in the aeronautical sector, based on a project by Domenico Alcide Leali, former founder of Air Dolomiti, the most successful initiative in the Italian airline industry in recent decades, listed on the Borsa Italiana, acquired by Lufthansa in 2003 and still operating with its own brand and livery.

By virtue of the peculiar company structure, extensive knowledge of the sector and existing contacts with Italian and European players, AlisCargo Airlines is already able to offer highly efficient, professional and competitive services.

Our cargo charters began immediately by delivering goods across entire continents, and it is no coincidence that we chose “A bridge between countries” as our payoff. Our flights, just like a bridge, connect territories and reduce distances by speeding up deliveries.

With this precise intention, we have chosen as our base Milan Malpensa airport, which, by virtue of its strategic location and the large road network, enables us to reach rapidly all of southern Europe with the headquarters of Italian and European freight forwarders and logistic operators.

The long-term objectives of AlisCargo Airlines include support for the expansion of the ‘Made in Italy’ label around the world with prevalently Italian technical-logistic services and the creation of a cargo company in Southern Europe to serve the region’s countries.